Catching up over the last 9 months..

Most of you probably won’t remember me, so I’m going to start again. 9 months ago I was posting weekly and sometimes even daily about practically anything, all without anyone knowing about all of it. Then people began to find out, maybe they were looking me up on the internet? I’m not really sure. It made me so paranoid about what everyone’s reactions would be that I deleted everything and pretty much just shut it all down.

I still read all of your blog posts at the beginning, when people at school had forgotten about it but then it began to slowly come up again, so I left it completely. After this, my life basically started spiraling down and I couldn’t stop it. My Dad left because his drinking got too much, which had a massive affect on me and my family. My Mum was struggling to cope and I would find her crying often, my younger sister was a mess most nights even though I didn’t tell her the half of what I knew. This left me. I felt as if I had to hold everything up by myself. I never cried about him leaving, I just got on and did anything that needed to be done. Although I was trying my best at home, my grades dropped in every subject and I fell way behind.

Gradually, things began to get better, my teachers helped me to get back up to where I should be, my family got used to the idea that my Dad wasn’t going to be there and even though it wasn’t what I was used to ‘normal’ being, things became a new sort of normal.

I’m sorry to everyone that was relying on me for either guest posts, or had emailed me for advice but I’m back and I’m going to try my hardest to get everything back on track.

I’ve also tried to make my blog anonymous again, some of you may know my real name but from now on I’ll be using a different one. If any of you know how I can make sure that any images from my blog don’t come up when my Instagram name is searched on google images that would be great to hear 🙂

Please suggest any names in the comments as well 🙂

Yours truly,

????? xx

I’m not my stereotype

I am not my stereotype.

I am not lazy because I’m a teenager.

I am not an instigator because I’m a teenager.

I am not boring because I play the violin.

I am not posh because I’m British.

I am not fake because I wear make up.

I am not obsessed with physical appearance because I’m a girl.

I am not bad at sport because I’m female.

I am not my stereotype.